Certificate Course in Diabetology

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Qualifications of team
Qualification (MD Medicine or DNB Med or DM Endo) Yes No
Experience in diabetes hospital / teaching hospital / endocrinology unit / medicine unit with specialty diabetes clinic more than 5 years Yes No
Supporting faculty and staff
Visiting or full time ophthalmologist Yes No
Visiting or full time cardiologist Yes No
Full time dietician/nutritionist Yes No
Other paramedical – diabetes educator/podologist Yes No
Visiting or full time surgeon Yes No
Infrastructure requirement
Patient load Yes No
Files or electronic case records Yes No
Ophthalmic unit with : Funduscopy , refraction , tonometry Yes No
Foot clinic: with: VPT,Doppler Yes No
Dietetics Dept. with Capability for demonstrating diets, measurements, and foods Yes No
Number of rooms for candidates Yes No
BP apparatus Yes No
Height measure Yes No
Weight Yes No
Measuring tape Yes No
Tuning fork Yes No
Monofilament Yes No
Ophthalmoscope Yes No
Hammer for DTRs Yes No
Minor OT with Table, sterilization, facility for suturing and equipment for minor surgical procedures Yes No
ECG room with 12 lead ECG facility Yes No
Minimum life support and resuscitation facility Yes No
Radiology unit with facility for Minimum 200 mA X- ray machine with X-ray technician and visiting / full time radiologist Yes No
Facilities for estimation of Yes No
Blood Glucose, Hb TLC, DLC ESR, HbA1C Yes No
Lipids, KFT, LFT, Microalbumin Yes No
Urinalysis including Ketones Yes No
Serum electrolytes Yes No
Technician with minimum Diploma in medical lab technology and a visiting Biochemist/ Pathologist Yes No
Whether Accredited lab or not Yes No
Indoor:- number of beds / access to same within 5 kms in a diabetes hospital /medicine unit of a general hospital admitting diabetic patients Yes No
Separate room for patient education Yes No
Seminar / teaching room with audio visual facilities Yes No
Library with:  Text books/ reference books of Basic Medical science, Medicine, clinical Methods , Diabetes , Diabetic foot, Nutrition, Cardiology
Number : at least 50 books Yes No
Journals: Yes No
Internet facility for access to major journals Yes No
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